Recognition: AIGA/NY Fresh Grad 2017

After 9/11 and a series of terror wars, the Islamic extremist recruitment in the US is becoming increasingly Internet-led with the exponential growth of the online extremist messages, converting many an individual born and raised in the US to home-grown Islamic extremists.
The results of this project demonstrate that both of the social ties and the extremist indoctrination have played pivotal roles in the progress of radicalization, social ties are supportive of the extremist ideology and make the individuals obedient for the radical messages. On the other hand, this project reveals that it is useful to prevent the radicalization at an early stage by means of visual communication to illustrate a moderate notion of “jihad” which has been abrogated by the extremist propaganda.

Some of the representative results of the questionnaire What Does Jihad Mean to You have been installed in the hallway of the exhibition area, spectators are expected to view disparate misconstructions pertaining to jihad and contemplate where the negative impact came from.

Counter-strategic execution (webpage)
Upon entering the exhibition room, spectators can view the thesis slides and take a closer look at the final execution—the web-based counter-strategy—and interact with it.

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